Beer‘d Al Podcast

BAP Bonus: Brak Break!

July 23, 2021

This episode has virtually nothing to do with "Weird Al" Yankovic! Instead, we are diving into a suite of comedy albums that also played an instrumental role in our childhood(s). We're talking about the Space Ghost Coast to Coast CDs Musical Bar-B-QueSurf & Turf, and The Brak Album

This is the last of the three episodes we recorded together in person last month. To that point, please forgive the noisy toddler in the background. She's cute, and we all did our best.

Lauren also talks a bit about the breweries and wineries she visited while in Pennsylvania.

We're both (appropriately) drinking Minkey Boodle from Thin Man Brewery. I've got a doodle in my noodle, and his name is Minkey Boodle. MINKEY BOODLE!

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