Beer‘d Al Podcast

Episode 18: Frank’s 2000″ TV ft. Slightly Mighty & Free Strata

January 8, 2021

We're talking about "Frank's 2000" TV" today. Everybody come and see! You won't believe it! 

We dig into things like... How big is this TV really? Would Robert De Niro's mole REALLY be 10 feet wide? Musical evolution, fever dreams, TV shows, how John's daughter pronounces things, and so much more. Lauren even comes in hot with some beer knowledge and some free writing composition lesson plan advice. There may or may not be a brief moment of opera singing. John has Slightly Mighty from Dogfish Head (because he had to mention Delaware at least once) and Lauren has Free Strata from BlackStack Brewing. Cheers!

Our promo this week is for Married Mash. They are a great husband and wife podcast for whiskey/bourbon tasting. Check them out!


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