Beer‘d Al Podcast

Very Special Episode: Off the Deep End ft. Mike from PTE

November 6, 2020

We've got a very special Very Special Episode for you today! Lauren is joined by Mike from the Pub Trivia Experience podcast, and we're talking about Weird Al's 1992 album Off the Deep End. Mike loves it. Us? Meh. Can Mike sway me? Listen and find out. Also listen to hear Mike experience his first ever Beer'd Al tangent in person!

Lauren has Hawaiian Shirt Party from The Brewing Projekt out of Eau Claire, WI (a 9% beer that she didn't realize was 9% until it was almost gone...), and Mike has Grand Prismatic from TrimTab Brewing Co. in Birmingham, AL.

Our promo this week is from a great beer buddy out of Chicago. Check out Beer In Front here!


And if you want to hear more of Mike (because why wouldn't you?), check out his family of podcasts here!


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