Beer‘d Al Podcast

Episode 22: King of Suede ft. The Nectar & Double IPA

March 5, 2021

We've got "King of Suede" today... Well, kind of. We start with a tangent, and it goes from there. Where does it go from there? Consumerism, strip mall churches, Moana (Wa-Wa Moonie), Walk Hard (again), Wimpies vs. Sloppy Joes, Spaghetti Lee, The Beets, Sting (obviously), Bardcore (and another bold claim!), dogs (there's barking!), hold my ham, and so much more! We do talk about "King of Suede," we promise. John has The Nectar from Anchorage Brewing and Lauren has Double IPA from King Maker Brewing. Cheers!

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